Psychological aspects of “Kabedon” (Now I know how it is called!)

“Kabedon” is a Japanese word, 壁ドン.

壁 is “wall”, what a complicated character for such a simple word!

And it means…

1. The act of punching a wall. E.g. Punching a wall to indicate to a neighbor that they are noisy.

When you listen to some loud music at night, your neighbors knock on the wall as if telling you: LOUDER! MAKE IT LOUDER!

2. When a man puts his hand against a near wall (romantically or hostilely), creating a barrier with his arm and preventing a woman from moving.

I remember, I did it to a lady. It was such a move that we even remembered about it and discussed it years later. Have you ever done a kabedon to anyone? Ladies, has anyone done it you? How did you feel about it?

What is kabedon from a psychological point of view?

Externally it means: “I am a man, I am strong, I feel like at home and this wall is mine, I am a master here. And you, woman, belong to me.” Internally it means: “I’ve made a brave step (praise the guy for it!), I came to talk to you, but I am not confident, that is why I need a support, the wall will be fine. So, let me pretend that I am stronger than I look”.