Belli Sacri // Religious Wars

She was just seven. May be, she walked home in a good mood from school to make her parents glad with two top marks in singing and drawing. She did not make it on that day. When she walked near children’s playground, a couple of dogs attacked her. They were just unleashed domestic dogs.

When I try to see myself in this situation, I presume that the main parts of the story were fear, pain, view of terribly bright red blood and a quick thought of ongoing death. What else I would think in such a situation when I was seven? Whom I would call? Even though I got a few answers, unanswered questions outnumber them.

The news about this terrible thing happened in the Ural district of Russia was discussed in social media. Someone in disrespecting manner blamed parents for not taking care of the girl; he was threatened by another Internet user with Allah’s revenge on such an attitude. Obviously, the first person asked a question: Where has Allah been at the time of the attack? Reading comments on the Internet is a disgraceful fun, which I happened to have due to curiosity. There was a branch of comments devoted to political clashes between Russia and Ukraine; and another argument on Allah who is quick to humiliate offenders of his prophet. In other words: Allah who represents “peaceful religion” punishes his offenders by humiliation. There was a guy who claimed to be Christian; he said that he eyewitnesses “miracles” that people who have never seen started seeing, and those who could not walk, started walking. How about resurrecting the girl?

I like reading comments, especially on my own blog 🙂 By the time of posing this text I have not seen any yet, but I hope I will. Likes (especially by bots, are not counted). But… How terrible comments might become if people start religious wars?! I quit at once if I see that such rubbish begins…

Just an example: The Living God, Jehovah, is often blamed for inconsistency. Fact number one: Christian God is God of love; fact number two: He allows children to be born with cancer and they die very soon.

Here is a good reading:  Why does God allow children to suffer and die? Do not read comments though 😀

For the majority of people, these two facts are just enough to proclaim, that there is no God. Or there is, but He is punishing wrong people. To me, a follower of Jesus Christ, these two facts are enough to say that something wrong is wish us, people; something wrong with our understanding of God and our own nature.


Arrival (2016 movie about aliens)

A movie with cool prrrr-wa-wa-wa ch-ch-sh-sh effects and Cthulhu-like creatures; based on a book (which I  have started reading) and got a few philosophical and linguistic problems. It is worth watching.

It is not one of those movies people say “Good movie, but not for Christians”. As you can see on the title image, there is a good question for you (in English) and a word in heptapod language in between. Do you know what it means? The answer is in brackets in white letters on white background. To see it, just select it with a mouse (Louise). This and all other graphical staff of heptapods can be found here.

But let’s get back to the question. I asked such a question to a few friends. (And I ask you same question here, comment please). If you could see your whole life laid out in front of you, would you change things?

Here is an answer from a lady who moves using crutches due to a spine trauma:
— To know what is going to happen and anyway to go this way… It is said that God when creates a soul, shows the way, now it is the choice to follow this way, or not. I turn back to my life and see that I do not want to go back and change anything in it. Right now I am what I am. My present is quite interesting and I got amazing future! God leads me the right way, works on me, He opens important truths and values. When I think about the end of my Earthly life, I got excited about meeting Him face to face. It is not fear, just excitement.

We, who chose Christ, already know our past, present and future, becasue… Here is an answer in the heptapod language, the image is called YouHaveChooseLife1.jpg