I have nothing to hide (Anti-Cryptoanarchism Project)

I will post some staff on IT in this blog, I already did a post about WordPress+Instagram, now I got something different. BTW, In plans is a post about TinyMCE.


If you start such a project, let me know 🙂 I would like to accept a “thank you” note and a few bank notes as well 🙂


At this stage, I got a few (5? May be 6?) different projects on my mind. Each is 1 million $ idea 🙂 I work hard on a prioritised one, two more projects are half-done and frozen for the sake of the first idea. Also there are ideas to keep my head in future and here is the idea I am quite happy to share. I hope someone can put this idea into practice and earn a lot of money and… see the Disclaimer above.


Project name: “Open Mail”
Keywords: email, website, social network, blog, forum.
Mottos: “I have nothing to hide!”; “Anti-Cryptoanarchism comes!”

Description: Email server with all the modern features (SMTP/POP3/IMAP/etc; antispam). The difference to all other email servers will be official absence of privacy. All the messages are open, 100% accessible from the Web and indexed by search engine bots. Anything which goes to or from secured emails will be revealed as well! Even if a user deletes a message from the Inbox, the message will be still available on a profile’s web-page. Discussion treads will be available as a blog-roll. Anyone will be able to read, join a conversation, download attachments, etc. It is almost like using Twitter for correspondence, but with all the features of an email server like Gmail or Yahoo.

Features: likes, tags & hashtags, addressees will be also added as user cross-links (@user_name or user_name@mail.open), discussion groups, messages to “all”: these are messages, which will be posted on a personal blog-roll.

Additional info and answers to possible questions

Users may stay anonymous; if someone needs to send something private like scans of documents, then “Open Mail” is not the right service to do so. Usage of encrypted messages (e.g. by PGP/GPG) probably will not be allowed, because nobody needs encrypted junk on a website. If someone wants to host an encrypted message with open access so that hackers tried to decrypt it, then it can be done through other services; there are so many free web-services on the Net. Drafts will remain private, because artists do not like their works to be seen before they are done 🙂 A user will be able to delete a message which is available as a web-page, just in case.

How I see it from technical point of view

There could be many different ways of creating “Open Mail”. Any open-source email server and a web-engine can work together. Email service has to have just one feature: if a message is successfully sent or received, then all the info must be passed to the web-engine. The message then will be posted on a web page. It can be even WordPress. Anyway, if you will use a ready-made engine, many things got to be changed it in. Or is it easy to post all the messages on the web as an RSS line? There are WordPress plugins that can import RSS into blog-rolls. This solution requires two applications and two databases. So, probably, the best option is a unique engine (and one database).

Good luck!



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